Information for Refugees and Persons in Need of Compementary Protection



To apply for a refugee status or status of a person in need of complementary protection in Ukraine, you must fill out an Asylum Application Form and Questionnaire that can be downloaded in any of the following languages:

We also wish to draw your attention to paragraph 5 of the Questionnaire where it is recommended to indicate that applicants seeking refugee status must agree to provide access to evidences, documents, and supplementary materials that will help to prove or substantiate their respective cases to the UNHCR representative and its partner organizations.

In your application you need to explain why you fear to return to your country of origin or permanent residence.

If you do not have documents that confirm your identity, or if such documents are forged or false, you must inform UNHCR about it and explain the facts and circumstances surrounding your identity document in your application.

During your first contact with the Ukrainian authorities, you must inform them about the circumstances of your identity document.

Every family-member who is eighteen years old or older should submit a separate application. Information on children below the age of eighteen should be included in the application of a parent or another legal representative of the child.

In addition, it is important that you make a photocopy of your Asylum Application Form and the Questionnaire for the future references.

Upon receipt of your application, Migration Service will register it and contact you in due course. You may wish to contact a non-governmental organization or a lawyer to request help in preparing and filing your application.

Legal Procedures and Responsibilities of Applicants registered with UNHCR's partners in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the grant of the refugee status requires you to abide with various government?s regulations and procedures. You should know the conditions for receiving legal assistance and sincerely cooperate with UNHCR and its  partner organizations. Please access the following links to read more in English, French, Arabic, and Farsi.

Further documents which might help you to apply for the refugee status inUkraine:

The Law of Ukraine On refugees and persons in need of complementary protection in Ukraine of 8 July 2011

Order No 649 of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine On approval of the rules for asylum application review and documents preparation required for decision-making on recognition as a refugee or as a person in need of complemenrary protection, or for decision-making on loss and deprivation ofthe refugee status and complementary protection, and on revocation of the decision on recognition as a refugee or as a person who needs compelementary protection (5 October 2011)

Annexes to the Rules for asylum application and documents preparation for decision-making on recognition as a refugee or a person in need of complementary protection

Brief information on refugee status in Ukraine

Information on asylum procedures in Ukraine:  

Ukraine Code of Ethics in Refugee Cases

Information on employment

The opportunity of refugee employment in the agriculture sector (June 2013)

Examples of the CVs of refugees seeking employment in Kyiv (June 2012)

Sample profile of refugees seeking employment in Kyiv (2011)