Charity Festival in Mystetskiy Arsenal On The World Refugee Day




On June 20, 2016  Mystetskiy Arsenal will host a  Charity Festival on the occasion of  World Refugee Day. The event is organized by the UN Refugee Agency jointly with the National Culture Art and Museum Complex ”Mystetskit Arsenal” and the volunteer initiatives. The festival aims at drawing attention to the stories of people, which were forced to leave their homes.


MEDIA ADVISORY: On Monday, June 20, 11:30 AM a media briefing on the World Refugee Day will take place.


-          Pablo Mateu,  UNHCR Representative in Ukraine

-          Vadym Chernysh, Minister on temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons

-          Maksym Sokoliuk, Head of State Migration Service of Ukraine

-          Natalia Zabolotna, General Director of “Mystetskiy Arsenal”

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As of today, some 7000 refugees and asylum seekers from other countries live in Ukraine. More than 1,800,000 people have become internally displaced persons because of the conflict in Donbas and events in Crimea.

The Charity festival will bring IDPs from the East and Crimea, refugees from other countries that have sought asylum in Ukraine together with civil organizations assisting these persons together at the territory of the Arsenal. The festival participants want to attract the attention of media and Kyiv residents to the needs of people that have to start a new life. Despite the difficulties, many of them managed to start new projects and businesses; become active contributors to the local community and are ready to help others.

The festival will offer an extensive program of events and exhibitions for the visitors:

Traditional dishes from the national cuisines of the refugees living in Ukraine: The festival guests will be able to enjoy genuine Ethiopian coffee ceremony; taste traditional Afghan and Azeri dishes; relish Crimean Tatar sweets and oriental desserts.

During the festival one can discover more about successful startups of IDPs and refugees, which have started own business – coffee shop, deli production, martial arts school and clothes production. Part of the profit from the fair of ethnic decorations and handmade, ceramics and accessorieswill be directed to the support of the children displaced from the East of Ukraine.

Program for the children includes free workshops on Afghan hair braiding; drawing lessons from the professional artist from Iran; oriental art sumiyo and pottery; martial arts trainings and many other handmade activities. In the kids’ zone a labyrinth and legal awareness school will be waiting for the young visitors.

The event will also host the silent auction of artwork by refugees living in Ukraine. One can look at and purchase artwork by the artists from Syria, Afghanistan, Angola, Congo, Iran and Iraq.

The musical component of the festival will be complemented with the special performance of the Teatr pereselentsia (Theater of the displaced). Documentary performance “Gde Vostok?” (Where is the East?) by the German director Georg Jeno will show how it feels like to lose a home in an instant and how it is to be displaced. Stories of people from Donbas – touching, funny and sad – are the real stories of a person deprived of one’s familiar environment.

Mini-cinema will operate during the event, so visitors will have an opportunity to watch short films in support of the IDPs and refugees, particularly those from theFestival of SocialAdvertisement “Molodiya.

Among others the art project “Odisea Donbas” will be presented. It tells about different towns and cities of Donbas. Authors of the project Daria Tsymbaliuk, Yulia Filipieva and Viktor Sazypkin have carried out profound interviews people displaced from the East of Ukraine. During the interview former residents of Donbas created their own mental maps of the places, which they had had to leave. These maps preserve towns and cities of the East of Ukraine the way they looked before the conflict started and the way people remember them.

As well, during The Charity Festival on The World Refugee Day project “Malevych + – an exhibition of collection of Ukrainian avant-garde art will continue. Artwork of Vasyl Iermilov, Anatol Petrytskiy, Oleksandr Bogomazov and, most important – Kazymyr Malevych demonstrates how the art – new for its time – becomes recognized classics after having non-recognition, prohibition and misunderstanding.

The event is supported by the Ministry on the Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced persons of Ukraine and The State Migration Service of Ukraine.

Partners: “Krym SOS”, Employment center for free people, Ukrainian charity fund «Right to protection, International Organization on Migration, Charity fund “Rokada”.

Media partners: 1+1, Platforma, Focus, Social country, Segodnia

Entrance to the festival and the museum exhibition during the event is free of charge.

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