UNHCR Assistance to IDPs


All the assistance provided by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is FREE OF CHARGE.
In case of attempted fraud or requests for any kind of payments, please register your complaints with local police.


What is this programme about?

The aim of the programme is to support people, who were forced to flee due to the conflict in Donetsk and Lugansk oblast. The UNHCR programme is implemented in cooperation with local authorities via Department of Social Protection of Population. The Department provides the assistance to IDPs through the office of labour and social protection of population in accord with registration place.

Which regions does programme cover?

The Programme is implemented in Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhia regions and in cities of Mariupol and Kyiv.

Please note that the funding of the cash programme in Kyiv city is limited. Priority will be given to IDPs who applied for similar UNHCR Programme in the end of 2014.

Who is eligible for the assistance?

The assistance could be provided to IDPs who registered in Dnipropetrovsk region after 1 November 2014, in Zaporizhzhia region after 28 November 2014 or in Mariupol city after 10 October 2014 and who belong to the following categories:

-  Large families (with 3 or more children);

- Disabled persons, whose pension is less than 1.5 of survival minimum (now it is UAH 1 423,5) for persons who lost  ability to work;

-  Single-parents;

-  Pregnant women.

The programme does not cover the persons, who are receiving the assistance, or obtained it through other non-state financial programs of financial assistance for IDPs, such as the financial support programme by UNHCR in 2014 etc.

What is the size of the assistance?

It is a one-time assistance, and its size is UAH 2,000. For large families and single parents the assistance is charged for every family member, who moved to Dnipropetrovsk region, Zaporizhzhia region or Mariupol city. For disabled persons and pregnant women the assistance is 2,000 UAH, and its provision is limited to the claimer, so it does not apply to other family members.

Which documents have to be provided for the assistance?

The assistance by the programme is charged based on a handwriting claim by IDP or member of household. An example of the statement is possible to obtain in the local body of social protection of populace.

The copies of the following documents have to be attached to the statement:

- The certification of IDP registration (it is necessary to provide a statement for everyone from a married couple; children have to be mentioned in the statement in case of large families);

- Passport or document that identifies the claimer;

- Certification of identification number (the persons, who decline to have an identification number cause of religious issues, have to provide only a passport);

- Bank requisites for transfer of the financial assistance;

- The documents that confirm the belonging to one of the four target groups, namely:

  • a) for large families – birth certifications of children;
  • b) for disabled persons  - certificate on disability and certificate from the Pension Fund regarding the size of all pensions related to disability;
  • c) for single-parents   -  certification on birth of child and/or certification on death of a spouse;
  • d) for pregnant women – medical certificate which confirms pregnancy.

Where and when is it necessary to apply for and provide documents for the assistance?

The terms of the assistance depends on a set of factors, the number of claims and period of application lists formation in particular. In general, it takes between 2 and 6 weeks from the application and provision of necessary documents to transfer of the cash to the account.

Where is it possible to obtain more information?

It is possible to obtain more information applying for it to the local authorities of social protection of population, or giving a call to the hotline by the following number 0800-30-77-11.

In case there are complaints regarding the act of the authorities that are charged of the programme, it is possible to claim to the head of the respective body of social protection of population in accord with the Law of Ukraine on Claims of citizens. Also it is possible to complain contacting the hotline 0800-30-77-11. The results of the claims via the hotline will be notified in accordance with the existing procedure.

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