Cooperation with Danone

 UNHCR has established cooperation with Danone Ukraine, one the largest producers of dairy products and baby foods in Ukraine.

2014 is a special year for Danone Ukraine: This year the company celebrates the 15th anniversary of Danone in Ukraine.

Danone was one of the first multinational companies to start large-scale production and distribution of natural, health yogurt in independent Ukraine.

From the beginning, the Company has been associated with health and innovation, care for its consumers, and the highest quality control standards. That?s why Danone came up with an ambitious goal to make a difference in the longevity and quality of lives of Ukrainians. Everything Donone does is aimed at adding five quality years of lives to the average Ukrainian in the next five years.

In the framework of cooperation with UNHCR Danone will provide on regular basis supplies of yoghurts and other milk products to UNHCR Implementing Partners in Kyiv to be distributed to the persons of concern. The first dispatch of 4,000 yoghurts to Kyiv was accomplished in early March.