UNHCR provides humanitarian aid to IDPs in Rubizhne, Luhansk oblast

Newly arrived IDPs and evacuees from heavy shelled neighboring Popasna, Pervomayske and Luhansk received in Rubizhne of Luhansk region non-food items assistance from UNHCR, such as warm clothes and other core relief items.


Photo by UNHCR / A. Litvinenko: The retired family of Svitlana and Mykolay turned to find themselves with no reasonable assistance while the situation in Luhansk region has been significantly deteriorating. Having been supplied with daily necessities, they are currently living in Rubizhne of Luhansk region. 

On  February 17, UNHCR provided humanitarian aid directly to the IDPs, evacuees, elder people and children coming from Luhansk region, who suffered from hostilities in the East. Some of 300 people received warm things urgently needed in winter season. Children who are one of the most vulnerable and highly need support were not left without assistance. More than 40 evacuated children together with their teachers from Pervomaysk Mining Technical School temporarily residing in Rubizhne were provided with warm blankets and winter jackets.

Photo by UNHCR / A. Litvinenko: Liubov Yakivna is one of numerous retired women requiring exterior psychological and material assistance not only in view of her age but due to the fact she has no one to rely on except herself.