UNHCR organized a screening of the documentary film about women refugees in Eastern Europe for media


1 March 2013, Kyiv (Ukraine) ? The UN Refugee Agency held a special press screening of the documentary ?New Walls: Women refugees in Eastern Europe? in the view of upcoming International Women Day to attract media attention to the problems of the women refugees. 

The film, shot on location in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus by Spanish director Paula Palacios, offers a new view on how women targeted by persecution cope with their fate. The film also reflects how they personally experience forced displacement in Eastern European countries. 

?Our goal was to attract the attention of Ukrainian media to the issues of the special category  - women refugees and take a closer look on them, through the lens of film and direct communication with its heroines, exploring their culture, national bijouterie and cuisine?, explains UNHCR Deputy Regional Representative Vanno Noupech. 

The eastern enlargement of the EU has created new walls, positioning countries like Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine on the front line of international migration. 

Women are often the most vulnerable of all refugees. The documentary portrays the lives of five women refugees from Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Uzbekistan and Russia who escaped from the persecution in their countries of origin searching for asylum, security and new home. 

?I?m looking for human stories. Why these women left their country of origin, how they come here?, says the director of the film Paula Palacios. 

Paola Palacios is known to Ukrainian audience for the film ?Women without a Pause? that was screened at the DocudaysUA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. 

The director of the film highlights: ?New Walls? is a documentary about ?motherland, borders, protection, family, identity? the most important things in life, which women in this film have lost. It opens the debate on why have we become so protective of the territories we live in?. 

The film ?New walls. Women refugees in Eastern Europe? was released last year in August. The premier and exclusive screening was held in Kyiv on September 17, 2012. 

The documentary was produced by Al-Jazeera Documentary Channel, with the support of the UNHCR, Spanish Women and Health Foundation and Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ukraine. The film was narrated by UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Barbara Hendricks.