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UNHCR helps to develop the next generation of Ukrainian leaders

This fall, Donetsk city hosted the School of Young Leaders, a project aimed to develop management and leadership skills of socially active youth from the Donbas region. The School was organized by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) with the support from the European School and the Donbass Development Center (DDC), both UNHCR project partners.


The objective of the project was to provide Donbas youth with necessary skills and competencies to start and work at local NGOs s. This should boost the development of civil society and human rights activities in the region. The initiative is particularly important since civil formations play a key role in the integration of IDPs and returnees to the host communities.

The School lasted for two months - from September 1 till October 30 - during which young activists worked to develop their leadership potential. They have had various trainings and workshops on time - and conflict management, budget planning, and team building among others. Students also worked on their rhetorical and acting skills as well as social entrepreneurship, fundraising and crowdfunding.

In total, 22 young boys and girls graduated from the program. They proposed 13 social projects which will be implement in the following months. These initiatives aim to facilitate the integration of IDPs and returnees and contribute to the community empowerment. Among others, the projects included: charity event to assist socially vulnerable children, a series of workshops and trainings by the Leadership School Graduates at the local schools, free English classes for children at orphanages and many others. The UN Refugee Agency, along with its partner organizations will provide guidance and assistance to the youth during the project implementations.

The Leadership School Project equipped Donbas youth with a set of practical skills to strengthen the core of civic society— the ability to work together to address collective problems. Hopefully, this will help School graduates to create a robust nonprofit sector and respond to the educational, social, economic and environmental challenges that their communities face.