Bureaucratic obstacles, access for housing and employment – common issues both for refugees and IDPs in Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine, 08 August 2017 (UNHCR). The UN Refugee Agency has presented a Report on Needs Assessment of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and IDPs in Ukraine. Participatory Assessment is based on findings of almost 200 focus groups conducted in the cities with the largest population of IDPs and refugees.

Photo: UNHCR/T.Bulakh 

The overarching concerns of participants from all target groups relate to discrimination, administrative and bureaucratic obstacles, access for housing and employment. All target groups called for assistance from the Government, international organizations, civil society, and local communities, to support their integration in a tolerant and inclusive society.

 While presenting the findings of the Report, Noel Calhoun, Deputy Representative of the UN Refugee Agency said: “This report highlights the specific protection risks and their underlying causes that displaced people and persons at risk of displacement experience. Importantly, that both refugees and IDPs make so much effort to integrate into new communities. People feel (as we talk to them) very uncertain about their future. They want that very illusive sense of stability, normality and belonging were they are”.

Photo: UNHCR/T.Bulakh  

Yusuf Kurkchi, First Deputy Minister on Temporarily Occupied Territories and IDPs, thanked UNHCR for its work on the Report admitting that its conclusions and recommendations will be useful for the state authorities.

“Of course it is important to solve all the issues at once. Though we are working to simplify registry procedure for IDPs, moreover, the pilot projects on creation of new working places (for IDPs) in regions have been developed. Regarding the housing issue, the system of low-rate credits is being developed, but it also foresees changes into the legislation. I hope, we will be ready to share some statics on use of the credits by IDPs already in the end of 2018 with you”, explained Deputy Minister.


Photo: UNHCR/T.Bulakh 

To portray the situation of refugees and asylum seekers in Ukraine, Natalia Gurzhiy, Chair Person of the “Rokada” Charity Fund, said: “Although refugees in general are a very vulnerable category, however, the state does not provide them with benefits or support - they must fight alone to somehow survive here. The assistance comes only from the UN Refugee Agency. Asylum seekers do not have a right for social protection and free medicine at all, and refugees - albeit equated with it to Ukrainian citizens, but can not independently exercise their rights because of bureaucratic obstacles and imperfect legislation. The state must finally establish an asylum system that will support those who seek protection in Ukraine and enable those granted to integrate”.

Full text of the Participatory Assessment of Needs of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and IDPs, please find HERE.


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