Shelter materials for 200 families delivered to Luhansk


KYIV, Ukraine, 30 January 2017 (UNHCR). This weekend UNHCR convoy has brought construction materials for families in non-government controlled areas of Luhansk region, who had their homes damaged or destroyed during the conflict.


Photo: UNHCR/A. Cherkashina/November, 2016

The convoy, organized by the UNHCR with support of the Logistic Cluster, arrived on Saturday and delivered more than 500 metric tons of shelter supplies to the UNHCR warehouse in Luhansk. Twenty-four trucks carried 22,000 roofing sheets that will enable UNHCR to continue its shelter programme in the region and to repair additional 200 households.

In 2016, UNHCR has rehabilitated homes for 1,200 families in non-government controlled areas near Luhansk. This year the UNHCR team in Luhansk, working with a local construction company and volunteers, and in coordination with local village administrators, plans to complete the rehabilitation of another 2,000  damaged houses.