The UN Refugee Agency is to scale up assistance for internally displaced people in Kharkiv region


KHARKIV, Ukraine, 27 July (UNHCR) - UNHCR together with the largest local community based organisation "Station Kharkiv" launches a joint project to assist internally displaced people (IDPs) in Kharkiv region, one of the major reception areas bordering the conflict zone. This was announced at the press briefing in Kharkiv on Monday, 27 July.

The 6 month project “Station Region” with the budget of 2 million UAH will strengthen informational, legal and psychological support for more than 180,000 internally displaced people registered in Kharkiv region. As part of the newly established cooperation,   Station Kharkiv will open 5 multi – purpose IDP assistance centres at the district level in towns of Chuhgujiv, Barvinkove, Kup'jansk-Vuzloviy, Bakalia and Izium.

Stancia Khakriv will also operate a hotline to reach the uprooted population in the most remote areas of the region, as well as establish three mobile teams of volunteers to provide legal and psychological aid to displaced people living in rural areas.

The project also envisions a series of summer recreation programmes for children and adults in the "Romashka" summer in Kharkiv, aimed to improve social integration and psychological assistance. The programmes which are designed to cover not only IDPs but also local communities will include sport and recreational activities, as well as special education programs to prepare displaced children to school.

"Kharkiv region hosts more than 180,000 displaced people. Based on the results of our participatory assessment and Station Kharkiv operation, we see that major challenges faced by IDPs include a lack of information, absence of free qualified legal assistance, and problems with adaption in  new conditions The "Station Region" project was developed to address these needs in the most populated IDP areas. Internally displaced people will be able to receive free comprehensive legal aid in these five regional centres. In other towns of Kharkiv region, informational support will be provided through the hotline  as well as operation of mobile teams," said Aslak Solumsmoen, Head of UNHCR Kharkiv Field Office.

Photo: Station Kharkiv

"One of the project objectives is to strengthen existing volunteer initiatives in the region, established by internally displaced people. Two out of  four centres are already working with the support of volunteers. However, whereas a support of the local community in the city of Kharkiv is vivid, the volunteers in other cities and towns enjoy less attention from the side of the local authorities and hosting communities. The only exception is the town of Barvinkove, where the local government has allocated premises for the centre and promotes its work. One of the priorities of this project is establishing cooperation with local authorities in these districts. We are looking forward to working together to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe," commented Alice Vienievtseva, Station Region Project Manager.

Photo: Station Kharkiv

Contacts of Station Kharkiv multi-purpose assistance centres:

•   Kharkiv, 25 Dmytrivs’ka Street. Tel: +38 066 6949678 (Mon-Fri 11: 00-16: 00, Sat 11: 00-15: 00)

Please note that the address has been changed.

•   Kharkiv,  a waiting room at the South Railway Station. Tel: +38 066 8231023, +38 063 8438738, +38 057 7646465 (daily from 9:00 till 20:00)

•   "Pid Arochkoiu", Izium, 31 Soborna Street. Tel: +38 095 3033591, +38 098 9863709 (Mon-Fri 9:30-17: 00)

•   Kupiansk Uzlovyj, 14 Transportna Street. Tel: +38 099 5678289 (Mon-Fri 11: 00-16: 00, Sat 11: 00-15: 00)

•   Barvinkovo, 3 Lenin Street. Tel: +38 050 2454915 (Mon-Fri 10: 00-16: 00)

•   Chugujiv, 16A Rosa Luxemburg Street, 16A. Tel: +38 097 0694972 (Mon-Fri 10: 00-16: 00)

•   Balakleya, 16 Zhovtneva Street. (Under run)

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