The Czech Republic has provided humanitarian assistance to displaced persons in Kharkiv region

November 5. Kharkiv. Kharkiv region has received humanitarian aid from the Government of the Czech Republic that donated one million Czech crowns to address the needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Ukraine.  The UN Refugee Agency organized the first dispatch of warm blankets and basic relief items the region, which is now hosting more than 100,000 of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

The delegation of UNHCR Regional Representative for Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine Oldrich Andrysek, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Ukraine Ivan Počuch, MP Mustafa Dzhemilev and Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Kharkiv Ondrey Morávek joined the distribution in the collective center in Zmiyivskiy district of Kharkiv region


IDPs who now live in "Yalynka" sanatorium received humanitarian aid kits with warm blankets, towels and bed linens.

"I am delighted that Ambassador of the Czech Republic was one of the first representatives of the international community, who express his will to assist persons, affected by conflict,"  highlighted the UNHCR Regional Representative for Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine Oldrich Andrysek.

"We hope that the provided humanitarian aid will improve the living conditions of families, hosted in this sanatorium,"  commented the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Ukraine Ivan Počuch.

According to the registration data, majority of people accommodated  in the "Yalynka" sanatorium fled the city of Avdiyevka and cannot return back to their homes. One of the pressing needs at the sanatorium is  food nutrition for newborns, as there are 9 of them currently at the sanatorium.

In total there are 984 IDPs (286 families) registered in Zmiyivsky district, including 137 men, 224 women, 356 children and 267 people with special needs.

Also today, with the UNHCR has organized the meeting of IDPs from Crimea with the Crimean Tatars leader Mustafa Dzhemilev  in Kharkiv. Mr. Dzhemilev met with displaced persons from Crimea, representatives of religious communities, students, and activists of Euromaidan. During the meeting, representatives of IDPs talked about the problems which they face today and Mr. Dzhemilev, in return, promised to make every effort to assist with meeting the needs of internally displaced persons.