UNHCR and Georgian experts will support Ukrainian Government to set up registration of displaced persons

On 25 September, UNHCR jointly with Ministry of Social Policy organized a round table to discuss issues related to the registration of internally displaced person in Ukraine.  The panel of speakers consisted of  Lyudmyla Denisova, Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine, Oldrich Andrysek, UNHCR Regional Representative in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine, and Georgii Vashadze, Memebr of Parliament, former First Deputy Minister of Justice and Head of Civil Registry of Georgia.



The list of participants also included representatives of State Registry Service of Ukraine, State Migration Service of Ukraine, State Emergency Service of Ukraine, and experts from Georgia.

As highlighted by Minister of Social Policy Lyudmila Denisova, addressing the needs of displaced people is a core task for the Government and the Ministry of Social Policy in particular. Ms Denisova estimates that nearly 188 thousand of  IDPs contacted  social departments with different requests for assistance.

“To ensure population and appropriate resource allocation, Government of Ukraine decided to create electronic registry of IDPs. And this would require technical and financial assistance from international community”, she said. 

Besides of requesting international financial and technical support, Denisova highlighted Ukraine can benefit from learning that for Georgian experience as situation in the country was similar in 90s and in 2000s 

UNHCR Regional Representative Oldrich Andrysek also highlighted the need for creating of registration system. He also said that UNCHR remains ready to support Ukrainian government. “Registration of IDPs is a key step for understanding the scope of the problem, as well as for planning possible assistance to the displaced. Only when we have a detailed information regarding the needs of people, we can provide all necessary assistance to those who are in need,” Mr. Andrysek told.

 Mr. Georgi Vashadze who was involved in creation of IDP registration system in Gerogia confirmed to Denisova that Georgian experts are ready to share Georgian experience in Ukraine. He presented online registry system which was created in Gergia in 2008, when the conflict in South Osetia began  and 137 thousand IDPs were displaced in first 10 days.

The Government of Georgia decided to create online system to register internally displaced persons and their needs. As the result, such system was successfully created, and helped to register IDPs properly and ensure smooth supply to meet  the  urgent needs of IDPs, as well as prevent any possible misuse of state and donor assistance.

The parties agreed to create a working group involving all relevant government bodies, Georgian experts and representatives of the UNHCR. The group which will meet in a near future will develop an implementation mechanism to apply international expertise.