UNHCR Assistance to IDPs in Ukraine


UNHCR continues to support government and civic society in their response to the displacement, as well as provides aid directly to the most vulnerable.

Technical Assistance to the Government

On October 22, UNHCR, Ministry of Social Policy (MSP) of Ukraine and Georgian Innovation and Development Foundation signed Memorandum of Understanding which envisions technical assistance to MSP in order to develop registration system for IDPs. (total value of 2,5 mln. UAH/160,000 USD).

On November 10, UNHCR signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. Within the frameworks of Memorandum, the Agencies agreed to join their efforts to address problems of IDPs. (value of 58,000 USD).

Since March, UNHCR has provided more than 500,000 UAH of technical assistance to local authorities in Kyiv, Luhansk, Kherson, Lviv and Dnipropetrovsk region in mounting a response to internal displacement.

Support to Civil Society

250,000 USD are allocated to establish of a network of legal counselors in Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Lviv, Mariupol, Zaporizhzhia and Zakarpattia through the partner NGO Right to Protect to strengthen the provision of free legal aid to IDPs;

176,000 USD for provision of social assistance to IDPs through its partner  Crimean Development Fund (Crimea SOS) in Lviv, Kherson and Kyiv regions;

1,300,00 UAH / 87,000 USD for strengthening capacity of  local NGOs assisting IDPs Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia and Vinnytsia;

UNHCR has signed a memorandum with Ukrainian National Society of Red Cross to supply NFIs and supplementary food to 5,000 IDPs in different locations around Ukraine. First 625 packages were already distributed in Kharkiv region as a pilot project in July - August 2014, reaching nearly 1,700 beneficiaries.

Non Food Items

As of 20 January, UNHCR has dispatched over 24,700 blankets, 25,000 bed linens, 7,000 towels, 6,800 clothing sets, 2,200 kitchen sets and 8,200 food packages assisting more than 50,000 persons. 

In 2015, UNHCR has also established its presence in Donetsk city, and has so far assisted over 8,500 vulnerable individuals affected by the conflict in non-GVT controlled areas (NFI and emergency shelter repairs). In addition, UNHCR delivered NFIs and shelter assistance (incl. construction material, heating, furniture) to 6,000 vulnerable IDPs and others affected by the conflict in northern Donetsk, Kharkiv, Luhask and Kyiv, including new arrivals from Debaltseve, Avdiyivka and Vuhlehirsk.  UNHCR provided 120 beds in two earlier refurbished centers in Artemivsk to accommodate evacuees from Central Donetsk region. Between 25 and 26 January UNHCR also helped with NFIs and plastic sheeting to some 2,900 people whose homes were damaged or destroyed in Mariupol after the shelling.

Distributions, both direct and through partners, took place in conflict affected areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, first-line reception regions – Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kyiv.


UNHCR with our partner People in Need plan to repair and make ready for the winter a further 12 collective centres in northern Donetsk and Kharkiv region. This brings the total number of premises under different stages of refurbishment to 47.

The rehabilitation of collective centres in Kharkiv, Luhansk, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhia regions is ongoing through direct implementation or partnership with local authorities.

UNHCR delivered 400,000 square metres of enforced plastic tarpaulin to be used for fast repairs in the eastern parts of Ukraine affected by the conflict. UNHCR also started a first batch of 8,580 asbestos-free roofing sheets to cover immediate repairs of destroyed houses.

Cash Assistance Programmes

UNHCR is steadily expanding its financial assistance programme for vulnerable IDP families onto all displacement regions of Ukraine. The project proved to effectively address primary humanitarian needs of the most needy families among the displaced, particularly 3+children and single-parent families, as well as families with disabilities and special needs.

One-time cash support has been already disbursed to 4,637 families / 11,833 IDPs in Lviv, Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zakarpattia, Odesa, Kherson, Chernihiv, Cherkasy, Kirovohrad, Zaporizhzhia and Vinnitsa regions to 23,660,750 UAH.

Self-reliance Support to IDPs

In 2014, self-reliance support to IDPs has been implemented via small business and housing assistance grants, a programme implemented with involvement of NGO Crimea SOS, an implementing partner. UNHCR allocated 3,125,119 UAH for 85 IDPs from Crimea and Donbas benefitting.


Overview of UNHCR humanitarian response

to internal displacement in Ukraine

in 2014

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Cash assistance:UNHCR finalized the payment of one-time financial assistance finalized in the region. A total amount of 1,986,000 UAH / 132,000 USD was paid to 1,000 most vulnerable IDPs (381 families).


Cash assistance: UNHCR allocated 1,761,000 UAH / 117,000 USD for a cash assistance program to assist 840 most vulnerable IDPs (350 families).


Cash assistance:UNHCR finalized the first round of one-time cash assistance program. 3,575,250 UAH/223,000 USD was paid to 1,637 beneficiaries (709 families). 

NFIs: On 27 August, 1,000 food sets, mattresses, 100 sets of bed linen and 400 sets of kitchenware were transferred by UNHCR to IDP coordination center “Dnipro Assistance” in Dnipropetrovsk (value of 200,811 UAH / 13,400 USD).

On 5 September, UNHCR provided warm clothing, medications and bed linen for 38 chronically ill IDPs in Slavhorod.

On 16-17 October, UNHCR has delivered 2,200 blankets (value of 127,776 UAH / 1,920 USD), 1,400 bed linen sets and 1,400 towels to IDP Coordination Center ‘Dopomoga Dnipra’ in Dnipropetrovsk for further distribution.

On 5 December, UNHCR provided 150 blankets to IDPs hosted by charitable foundation “Pomogaem”.

On 12 January, UNHCR distributed 300 blankets, 100 towels, 300 winter jackets, 300 thermal clothes, 500 sleeping bags in Pavlograd through its NGO partner “Gorenie”.  

On 14 January, 520 blankets, 500 winter jackets, 308 thermal clothes, 400 sleeping bags were provided to IDPs residing in Kryvyy Rih

On 16 January, UNHCR delivered 250 blankets, 220 winter jackets, 210 thermal clothes, 250 sleeping bags to NGO “Slavetna Sich” to assist the most vulnerable IDPs in city Nikopol.

Shelter: On 10 November, UNHCR provided construction materials to dormitory of Dniprodzerzhinsk National University for creation of 44 additional accommodation places and improvement of living conditions of another 50 IDPs already living in the dormitory (total cost 37,700 UAH / 2,500 USD).

Support to NGOs: UNHCR has approved small grants for two local NGOs “Dopomoga Dnipra” and “Gorenie” for total amount of  571,900 UAH / 38,000 USD. Projects implementation will start as soon as the funding is received by the organizations.

DONETSK CITY (Non-government controlled territory)

The UN Refugee Agency established a presence in Donetsk in December as a part of a wide UN initiative to meet the acute needs in the region following security assurances received from the de facto authorities. Such guarantees would allow UNHCR staff to have unfettered access to needy people and operate according to humanitarian principles that guide the agency. 

In December UNHCR together with partner NGOs distributed 6,000 square metres of reinforced tarpaulin and 3,000 blankets in areas not controlled by the Government.

In January, UNHCR sent two humanitarian convoys to Donetsk from Kyiv and Mariupol with a stock of warm blankets, jackets and reinforced plastic sheeting. 

On 15 January, UNHCR distributed blankets, bed linen sets and towels to 2,800 vulnerable IDPs residing in 5 collective centers of Donetsk city. Another 500 sets were provided to the city hospital which hosts the most affected population. UNCHR dispatched 5,000 blankets, 4,000 bed linen sets and 250 sleeping bags to the local Red Cross and People in Need for further distribution among the most vulnerable civilian population affected by the conflict in Donetsk region.

In early February UNCHR dispatched 5,000 blankets, 4,000 bed linen sets, 1,500 winter coats and 250 sleeping bags to the local Red Cross and People in Need for further distribution among the most vulnerable civilian population affected by the conflict in Donetsk region.

During the first week of February 2015, UNHCR and People in Need also provided 10,600 sq.m. of plastic sheeting to cover window/roofing/door destruction in Horlivka and Southern Donetsk area.

Between 4 and 5 February some 1,600 IDPs from Amvrosiivka, Makeevka, Yenakieve and Horlivka received assistance in Donetsk from UNHCR partners.


NFIs: In June UNHCR has provided humanitarian aid (20 metric tons of food and 20 metric tons of non-food items) to 15,000 IDPs residing in Sviatohirsk in Donetsk region in assistance with Kharkiv local authorities.

On 9 July, UNHCR together with Donetsk Governor delivered humanitarian aid to the town of Krasniy Lyman hosting some 5,200 IDPs.

On 18 July, UNHCR shipped 12 tons of hygienic items and kitchen appliances to returnee families in Slavyansk, Donetsk region, where some 15,000 persons have reportedly returned to since 5 July.

On 31 July, UNHCR delivered humanitarian aid for the town of Sviatohirsk. Hygiene items, cookware, bed linen, blankets and food packs will be channeled to most vulnerable out of 4,500 IDPs from conflict-affected areas of Horlivvka, Donetsk and Mar’yanka. A special shipment of mattresses, bed lines and beds was organized for Golubok children camp, hosting 300 IDP children.

On 21 August, UNHCR provided 718 blankets and 718 bed linen to 1,605 displaced persons in Sloviansk.

On 23 August, UNHCR delivered 20 metric tons of humanitarian assistance (NFI items and supplementary food) to 359 IDP families in Slovyansk, and 300 families in Krasniy Lyman As cold season is coming, all packages include blankets and bed linen.

On 8 September, UNHCR team has delivered 400 food and NFI sets (including baby food) to Artemivsk and 100 sets to Nikolaevka to be distributed among the most vulnerable IDPs and returnees, those who lost completely their houses and properties.

On 22-23 September, UNHCR delivered 1,650 blankets for distribution in collective centers in Sviatohirsk (350 pcs) and Krasniy Lyman(1300 pcs).

On 24 September, UNHCR delivered 1,202 blankets to IDPs living in Shchurovo.

On 29 October, UNHCR distributed 300 items of warm clothes in Sloviansk, 430 beddings and 430 items of warm clothes in Nikolaevka and 48 items of warm clothes in Krasniy Lyman.

On 6 November, UNHCR delivered 60 bedding items to Kramatorsk, 100 blankets, bed linen and towels to Sloviansk.

On 13 November, UNHCR distributed 33 items of winter clothes to most vulnerable IDPs in Sviatohirsk.

On 15-19 December, UNHCR delivered and distributed 1,400 blankets, 1,000 sets of bed linen, 1,400 towels and 678 warm jackets among the IDPs living in Artemivsk and Soledar.

On 5 January, UNHCR delivered 170 blankets, 170 sets of towels, 100 bed linen and 130 winter jackets to IDPs in Slaviansk and Krasnyi Liman

On 31 January, UNHCR distributed 700 blankets, 300 sleeping bags, 300 underwear and 150 jerry cans in Kramatorsk to recent evacuees from Debaltseve. 

Between 01-11 February UNHCR provided assistance to some 600 recent IDPs (blankets, thermal underwear, sleeping bags, winter jackets who evacuated from Debaltseve  

On 1 February, UNHCR provided 183 warm jackets for the IDP school children in Sviatohirsk.

On 2 February, UNHCR delivered NFIs for 206 IDPs in Artiomovsk district, 600 blankets and 38 sets of towels for the  newly arrived IDPs from Debaltseve settled in Sviatagorskaya Lavra.

On 6 February, UNHCR provided 120 beds and mattresses in Artemivsk to accommodate evacuees from Debaltseve.

On 7 February, UNHCR through its partner Charitable foundation “Slavyanskoe serdtse” delivered 100 sleeping bags, 200 blankets, 50 sets of thermal underwear for newly registered IDPs in Svyatogorsk.

On 9 February, UNHCR distributed 700 blankets in Kramatorsk to recent evacuees from Debaltseve.  

On 19 February, UNHCR supplied non-food items assistance to displaced and new arrivals in Krasniy Lyman. Some of 1919 blankets and more than 900 sets of winter jackets and warm clothes will be distributed in Krasnoarmiysk, Selidovo, Novohrodivka and Slovyansk. IDP returnees and locally stocked civilians in Debaltseve, Vuhlehirsk, Svitlodar and Avdiivka will receive 500 sleeping bags. 

19 February 2015, United Nations inter-agency convoy delivered 62 metric tons of humanitarian aid to Donetsk. This includes essential hygiene items, warm clothes, blankets, condensed milk powder, drinking water, and medical supplies procured by UNHCR, UNICEF and WHO.

On 20 February, two collective centers in Donetsk and Makiivka received warm blankets delivered by UN inter-agency convoy. In Donetsk CC, UNHCR distributed 100 blankets to 100 affected IDPs from Debalceve. Another 200 IDPs in Makiivka were supplied with 200 blankets respectively.

Shelter: On 25 September, UNHCR airlifted 360 rolls of reinforced plastic to support rapid repairs in the return areas for 1,000 households (North and South of Donetsk region, North of Luhansk region for 3,500 persons).

On 9 October, UNHCR distributed plastic sheets of tarpaulin, blankets and warm clothes for adults and children in the cities of Donetsk region (Slovyansk, Sviatohirsk and Artemivsk).

On 26 November, UNHCR provided construction materials to improve living conditions of IDPs hosted in collective center in Artemovsk city (Tchaikovskaya str.1a).

On 20 February, UNHCR distributed 214 roofing slates to 15 returnee families in Gornyak area of Krasnoarmiysk. 


NFIs: On 2 August, UNHCR together with Donetsk Deputy Governor provided 12 metric tons of food and NFIs to the Pershotravneviy district (Donetsk region), where more than 5,000 persons displaced from the conflict areas were registered by local authorities. 

On 8 August, UNHCR together with State Emergency Service and other UN agencies delivered 5 metric tons of humanitarian aid (kitchenware, mattresses, towels, bed linens) to South of Donetsk region.

In late August – early September 1,000 blankets, 100 mattresses, 200 bed sheets and 100 pillows were delivered to collective centers in Pervomaisky district and city of Mariupol in the south of Donetsk region. The distribution was coordinated through NGO Mariupol Youth League.

As of 18 September, UNHCR provided 2,000 blankets to collective centers near Mariupol, in Novoazovskiy and Pershotravneviy districts.

On 24 September, UNHCR distributed 600 sets of warm clothes (8 items each) to IDP children in the kindergartens and preschools in Mariupol.

In early October, UNHCR delivered 840 blankets to IDPs living in Telmanovo, Krasnoazovsk and Krasnomayakskaya.

Since 3 October, UNHCR has distributed 600 winter jackets and 1,500 winter shoes among IDP children in Mariupol. UNHCR Mariupol is in process of procurement of winter caps and scarves for over 2,000 IDP children in Mariupol.

Since 28 October, UNHCR provided 1,000 blankets to IDPs residing in the Southern part of Donetsk region.

Starting on 3 November, UNHCR continues distribution of 3,500 blankets, bed linen and towels in the south of Donetsk region via Illichevskii, Zhovtnevyi, Primorskiy and Ordzhonikidzovskiy social centers.

On 12 November, UNHCR distributed 33 blankets, bed linen and towels in Volnovakha assisting 14 IDP families.

On 4 December, UNHCR provided hygienic items to 240 most vulnerable IDPs living in village of Granitne (Telmanivskiy district).

On 16 January, UNHCR distributed 400 winter jackets among the IDPs in Telmanivskiy district (villages Granitne, Myrne, Kominternove).

Between 17 and 20 January, UNHCR Mariupol team provided humanitarian assistance responding to the acute needs of IDPs in Mariupol, Volnovakha and Telmanovo districts. The humanitarian assistance included 500 blankets,  120 sets of bed linen and towels, 60 winter jackets, 655 items of thermal clothes, 362 UNFPA female hygiene kits, 20 rolls of reinforced plastic sheets for fast temporary repairs of damaged windows and roofs, 475 kilos of milk powder and canned food.

On 27-28 January, 1,000 UNFPA kits, 1,000 sleeping bags, 330 sets of thermal clothes, and 50 winter jackets have been delivered to the Social Center of Ordzhonikidzevsky District (Mariupol) to distribute further among the most vulnerable.

On 05 February, UNHCR delivered 360 warm blankets, 50 sleeping bags, 50 sets of bed linen, 45 sets of thermal clothes, 60 packs of plastic sheeting (4x5) to village Sartana heavily destroyed during hostilities.

On 13 February, 500 wool blankets, bed linen sets, towels and 80 sleeping bags have been provided to social services center for further local distribution among the affected population and the newcoming IDPs.

Shelter: Between 25 and 26 January UNHCR distributed plastic sheeting to help some 1,000 whose homes were damaged or destroyed by the attack on the city of Mariupol.

On 27 January, UNHCR delivered 950 sheets of roofing material to the storage at the village of Sartana to be used in further repair in the areas suffered badly since the onset of the hostilities on the South of Donetsk Region. 2,185 plastic sheets and 1,105 blankets - are distributed by UNHCR team, State Emergency Service of Ukraine and local Social Protection Department within next few days.          

On 29 January, UN Refugee Agency and local State Administration have distributed humanitarian aid provided by the EU Humanitarian Aid. Nearly 800 people affected by deadly shelling in Mariupol got highly demanded relief supplies as well as some construction materials for fast renovation of houses destroyed by recent rocket firing. Another 100 blankets were delivered to local hospitals. In total, 85 tons of relief supplies from EU were delivered by three cargo planes in a joint operation "EU airlift" from Europe to help people most in need in Ukraine, including in the rebel-held areas. Aid has also been provided by road. First 10 tons of assistance were delivered to Mariupol to meet urgent.

Between 07-13 February, UNHCR Mariupol handed over 75 packages of plastic sheet to Telmanivsky District Federation of Greeks to be distributed in the village of Granitne. 


NFIs: Between 1-15 August, UNHCR distributed sets of food, non-food items and hygiene items in Kharkiv city reaching 1,520 IDPs.

On 26 September, UNHCR delivered warm clothing to 165 IDPs living in Lozova, Kharkiv region (value of 3,000 USD).

On 5 October, UNHCR delivered beds, bed linens, mattresses, pillows and blankets for 9 territorial centers in Kharkiv city for 100 most vulnerable IDPs (value of 5,726 USD).

On 5 November, UNHCR started distribution of humanitarian aid from the Government of the Czech Republic that donated one million Czech crowns to address the needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Ukraine.

On 17-19 November, UNHCR provided blankets, bed linen, big and small towels to IDPs living in Zolochev, Balakleya and Koviahi (49 IDPs were reached).

On 26 November, UNHCR distributed winter clothes and towels to the most vulnerable IDPa in Kharkiv city.

On 1 December, UNHCR with the support of local NGO “Stantsiya Kharkiv” provided sets with blankets, bed linen and towels to 185 IDPs in Kharkiv city.

On 6 December, UNHCR distributed 20 blankets, 20 towels and 25 warm jackets to 25 IDPs in Kharkiv.

On 25 December, UNHCR distributed 111 warm jackets, 10 sleeping bags, 150 blankets and 76 sets of underwear in Kharkiv, assisting 161 most vulnerable IDPs.

On 8 January, UNHCR delivered 16 sets of bed linen, 58 sets with small and big towel, 70 blankets, 70 sets of thermo clothes and 26 winter jackets, assisting 70 IDPs in Lozova.

On 9 January, UNHCR delivered 48 sets of bed linen, 36 sets with towels, 43 blankets, 28 sets of thermo clothes and 6 winter jackets to 46 most needed IDPs in Blyzniuky.

On 16 January, UNHCR Kharkiv has provided assistance (blankets, jackets. Towels) to 800 most vulnerable internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in Izyum, Kharkiv region.

Shelter: On 1 December, UNHCR delivered construction materials for winterization of one of collective centers in Kotlova str. (Kharkiv city). The total cost of the materials is 120,967.3 UAH / 8,100 USD and it includes construction materials for the rooms, the sanitary equipment and the washing rooms. UNHCR assisted in repairing another 7 collective centers in Kharkiv city.

On 10 December, UNHCR provided construction materials for winterization of a collective center in 5a/37 Griboedoba str. (Kharkiv city).


Cash assistance:UNHCR completed the payment of one-time cash assistance to the most vulnerable IDPs. 1,050,000 UAH / 7,000 USD were paid to 512 beneficiaries (193 families).

NFIs: In October, UNHCR distributed 85 blankets and 3 heaters to the most vulnerable IDPs in Genichevsk, Veletenske and Kalanchak in Kherson region. 


Cash assistance:UNHCR finalized the payment of 1,560,750 UAH / 104,000 USD to 739 IDPs (297 families) in the region.

NFIs: On 11 December, UNHCR distributed 200 sets of bed linen, 600 blankets, 300 small and 300 big towels assisting some 600 IDPs. Also the delivery of warm clothes is planned.


Cash Assistance: UNHCR finalized the first round of one-time cash assistance program. 2,776,500 UAH / 185,100 USD were paid to 1,636 beneficiaries (458 families).

NFIs: On 20 June, UNHCR provided basic kitchen and household appliances (e.g microwaves, multicookers, kettles and irons) to 5,300 UAH / 355 USD to IDPs accommodated at the dormitory of Rogoziv village and in the barracks of Proliski village, with over 70 persons staying there at the moment of delivery.

On 6 August, UNHCR has provided mattresses, beds, basic furniture and kitchen utensils to improve living conditions at the Orthodox church-run Rehabilitation Centre in Kotsiubynske village (131,000 UAH / 8,700 USD) providing shelter to 182 IDPs from the Eastern Ukraine.

On 21 August and on 20 May, UNHCR delivered mattresses, bed linen and towels to sanatorium “Zhuravushka”in Dymir village and sanatorium “Sosnoviy bir” in Vorzel town respectively to improve the living conditions of the IDPs housed there. Moreover, IDP families staying in sanatorium “Sosnoviy Bir” received towels and kitchen supplies. Some 200 IDPs are hosted by these sanatoriums.

In the beginning of September, UNHCR Kyiv delivered 1,500 bottles of milk products and yoghurts, 1,000 bottles of shampoo and 750 towels to the needy IDP families in collective centers and private housing across Kyiv region and city.

In November-December, UNHCR was distributing relief items in Kyiv region. To this end, 2,000 blankets were distributed by mid-December among the needy families, with distribution arranged via "Crimea SOS", a UNHCR implementing partner in Kyiv region. Persons with disabilities and chronic diseases, elderly persons, single parents, pregnant women, UAMs, families with 3+ children, families in destitute situation that just arrived and need immediate relief support benefitted from the assistance.

Shelter: In mid-October UNHCR provided winterization assistance to the aforementioned Rehabilitation Center in Kotsiubinske, a collective center providing shelter to over 180 IDPs. The support included thermal insulation and building materials to 600,000 UAH / 40,000 USD.

At the end of November, UNHCR delivered winterization assistance to a number of collective centers. Particularly, a collective center managed by NGO “Chesna I Sviata Kraina” received auxiliary equipment for already purchased solid-fuel boiler, as well as furniture, including 50 bunk beds and 100 matrasses, to the total amount of 203,000 UAH / 13,500 USD to improve living conditions of 140 IDPs.

On 25 November, UNHCR delivered housing assistance to NGO Soty running small shelters (<20 IDPs per place) in the city of Kyiv. The assistance included basic furniture to 66,000 UAH / 4,400 USD, i.e. 22 beds, 12 tables and 36 chairs, and enabled to receive additionally 30 IDPs.

On 5 December, within its winterization programme, UNHCR provided a solid-fuel boiler (70,000 UAH / 4,600 USD) to sanatorium “Pobeda” in the town of Vorzel, Kyiv oblast, accommodating 96 IDPs.

In December UNHCR provided 2000 blankets to IDPs through its implementing partner “Crimea SOS”. Distributions were organized jointly with the European Commission's Humanitarian aid and Civil Protection department

In February UNHCR distributed 2000 blankets, 500 winter jacket, 500 thermals sets and 400 kg of milk powder to the most through its implementing partner “Crimea SOS” among the recent evacuees from the places with intensified hostilities. 

Assistance to the government: On 21 November, UNHCR provided technical support to the State Emergency Service of Kyiv city running the municipal coordination office and counseling center for IDPs, and social protection department of Kyiv city and childcare service of Kyiv oblast. This support included office equipment with auxiliaries, stationery and consumables.


Cash assistance: UNHCR allocated 1,075,250 UAH / 71,683 USD for a cash assistance program to assist 242 most vulnerable IDP families in the region.


NFIs: On 24-25 September, UNHCR delivered 847 blankets for distribution in collective centers in Kremenna and Svatovo (5,200 USD).

On 10 October UNHCR delivered 20 heaters, 10 refrigerators and 2 washing machines to Olimp sport complex in Kremenna in Luhansk region hosting 90 IDPs (5,500 USD).

On 11 October, UNHCR provided 35 warm blankets and 35 sets of warm clothes to the most vulnerable IDPs in Sieverodonetsk.

In October - November UNHCR provided 300 sets of bed lines, towels and blankets to Svatovo Regional Psychiatric Hospital in Luhansk region.

On 7 November distribution of humanitarian aid took place in Kreminna (Luhansk region). 350 IDPs received warm jackets for adults and teenagers, blankets, towels and bed sheets (value of 4,500 USD).

On 14 November, UNHCR provided 260 blankets to IDPs in Sievierodonetsk (value of 1,600 USD).

On 18-19 November, UNHCR distributed 250 blankets, 200 sets of bed sheets, 200 towels, 950 jerry cans assisting 950 most vulnerable IDPs in Troitsk district.

On 3 December, UNHCR distributed 800 blankets, 800 sets of bed linen and towels and food to 800 IDPs which live in Slovianoserbsk Mental Hospital (value of 19,258 UAH / 1,280 USD)

On 4 December, UNHCR delivered 40 packs of dehydrated milk to Svatovo Regional Mental Hospital hosting 800 IDPs.

On 4-5 December, UNHCR distributed 1,000 blankets, 1,000 sets of bed linen and towels assisting 1,000 most vulnerable IDPs in Svatovo district.

On 8 December, UNHCR provided 38 sets including blankets, bed linen, towels (big and small) and food sets to collective center in Severodonetsk.

On 9 and 11 December, UNHCR delivered 1,000 sets including blankets, bed linen, towels (big and small) and food sets to to 1,000 displaced persons in Novoaydar and Popasna districts.

On 17 and 18 December, UNHCR distributed 1,000 blankets, 3,000 cans with meat and 1,000 cans with borsh among 1,000 most vulnerable IDPs in Belovodsk and Starobelsk districts.

On 23 December, UNHCR provided 9 sets including blanket, bed linen, big and small towels as well as canned food to one of collective centers in Severodonetsk.

On 2 January, UNHCR delivered 40 bags of milk powder and 90 kg of cans with soup provided by Estonian government to Svatovo Regional Mental Hospital, assisting 705 IDPs.

On January 2, 2015 UNHCR Severodonetsk field office has distributed some 130 UNFPA female hygiene kits among IDPs living in Svatovo, Kremennaya and Severodonetsk cities.

On 3 January, UNHCR provided 130 blankets, sets with bed linen, small and big towels and canned food to Luhansk regional sports center “Olimp” in Kremenna.

On 4 January, UNHCR distributed 31 male and female jackets among the most vulnerable IDPs.

On 11 January, UNHCR dispatched NFIs (blankets, winter clothes, hygiene items and food) for 1500 households to Lisichansk, Svatove and Troitske where IDPs from Popasna, Schastya and Stanytsia Luhanska have arrived.

On 17-19 January, UNHCR provided some 100 winter jackets and 15 towels to Severodonetsk municipal center for families, youth and children.

On 20 January, UNHCR provided 40 bed sets (towels, bed linen, blankets) and 40 food sets family type orphanage based currently in Severodonetsk.

On 20 January, UNHCR distributed blankets to some 130 IDPs in Severodonetsk.

On 23 January, UNHCR provided 200 sets of towels and bed linen, 200 of blankets, 180 winter jackets and 100 female hygiene kits to Severodonetsk center for family, youth and children

On 26 January, UNHCR provided 500 cans of borsch, stewed pork, beef, chicken and delivered 200 sets of towels and bed linen, 350 blankets, 290 winter jackets.

On 06 February, UNHCR delivered 600 kg of milk powder, 260 cans of stewed pork and chicken, borsh and 270 winter jackets, 260 blankets (total amount 11,000 USD).

On February 10, UNHCR delivered humanitarian aid to the boarding school of Severodonetsk currently hosting local returnee orphans and separated children lately evacuated from Gorsk, Popasna, Schastya and Stanitsa Luhanska. The orphanage received blankets and food supplies provided by Estonian Government to ensure reception capacity for up to 300 children that keep arriving from conflict-affected areas of the region. 

On 11 February, UNHCR dispatched NFIs (blankets, winter clothes, hygiene items and food) for 1500 households to Lisichansk, Svatove and Troitske where IDPs from Popasna, Schastya and Stanytsia Luhanska have arrived.

On February 17, 300 IDPs, evacuees, elder people and children in Rubizhne of Luhansk region were supplied by UNHCR with winter jackets, warm blankets and termokits.

UNHCR delivered blankets and food supplies for 300 children to Severodonetsk boarding school.

Shelter: On October 31 UNHCR delivered reinforced tarpaulin and 500 blankets to the town of Stanitsa Luhanskaya hosting some 5,000 IDPs to cover the needs of local hospital, kindergarten, schools and multi flat buildings.

On 24 November, UNHCR provided 53 windows to the boarding school for orphaned minors in Sieverodonetsk (value of 18,402.77 UAH / 1,230 USD).

Assistance to the government: In November-December, UNHCR provided office equipment to Luhansk National State Archive, Luhansk Regional Contact Center and the Social Protection Department in Svatovo. 

On 30 December, UNHCR provided the Department of Social Protection of Luhansk Regional Administration with application forms for registration of IDPs to facilitate the registration.


Cash assistance: Payment of one-time financial assistance finalized benefitting 1597 persons (total amount 3,471,000)

NFIs: In August, UNHCR provided beds and bedding to Odesa Charity Fund “The Way Home” (reached 25 IDPs).

On 20-21 November, UNHCR distributed  1,300 sets of warm blankets, bed linens and towels for IDPs in 7 sanatoriums in Odesa region. UNHCR also delivered food aid (dry milk powder and  canned milk) provided by Estonian government and Estonian companies to the sanatoriums, which are equipped with collective kitchens.

On 20 November, UNHCR distributed 557 sets which include blanket, towel and bed linen among IDPs living in sanatoriums “Senetatya”, “Speranza”, “Plai”, “Dobryi Samarianin”.

Between 21-29 November, UNHCR distributed 1300 sets with blanket, towel and bed linen, 20 washing machines, 10 drying machines for IDPs in sanatoriums “Lustdorf”, “Kuyalnik”, “Nati”, “Dobryi Samaryanin” and 5 collective centres in Odesa. Also UNHCR distributed food provided by Estonian government in mentioned sanatoriums.

On 1 December, UNHCR provided 150 beds and 150 matrasses to the most vulnerable IDPs.

On January 6, 2015 representatives of the UNHCR congratulated more than 200 IDP children and children from refugee families on Christmas and New Year. In total UNHCR delivered 350 presents to the «Lustdorf» sanatorium. 

Shelter: In November, UNHCR purchased building materials to repair premises of 5 sanatoriums “Lustdorf’, “Speranza”, “Senetatya”, “Dobryi Samarianin” and “Nati”. Also 20 washing machines, 10 drying machines and 3 heaters were provided to these sanatoriums (value of 1,300,000 UAH / 87,000 USD).


Cash assistance: One-time cash assistance program (2 rounds) was implemented in the region. 2,699,250 UAH were paid to 1255 most vulnerable families of IDPs.

Support to NGOs: UNHCR provided a grant in amount of 350,000 UAH / 23,300 USD to NGO “Dzherelo Nadiyi” to launch a self-reliance programme for IDPs and 90,350 UAH / 6,000 USD for office equipment.


Cash assistance: Payment of one-time financial assistance finalized in the region. A total amount of 2,796,000 UAH / 186,000 USD was paid to 1,406 most vulnerable IDPs (596 families).

NFIs: On 19 September, following the needs assessments in Southern Zaporizhzhia, UNCHR has procured 1,500 food sets. 500 of them were provided to local NGO ‘Union of Young Christians of Ukraine’ for distribution in Zaporizhzhia and nearby villages. Another 1,000 sets were delivered to the local Red Cross for distribution in Berdiansk and Primorsk.

On 15 October, UNHCR provided 300 school kits for IDP children in Primorsk and Berdyansk in Zaporizhzhia region.

On 28 January, UNHCR provided bed sets to IDPs residing in the collective centre reconstructed by UNHCR (avenue Lenina 81). Distribution was organized jointly with city Mayor’s office and NGO “City help centre”.

Shelter: After completing assessment visits, UNHCR is planning to provide financial assistance to local authorities to support winterization of several collective centers in the region with the aim to create 950 additional living places for IDPs.

Support to NGOs: UNHCR provided 259,000 UAH / 17,260 USD to local NGO “City Assistance Center”.This support included office equipment with auxiliaries, stationery and consumables.


Cash assistance: Payment of one-time financial assistance finalized in the region. A total amount of 909,750 UAH / 60,000 USD was paid to 159 most vulnerable families of IDPs.